September 9, 2014: The IDEAS bibliographic database surpassed 1.5 million online documents. IDEAS has been and continues to be the largest freely available electronic database of economic content.

3Q Review

"Step back from the complexity of actual money markets and imagine an economy in which every payment is made in cash…" Read "Liquidity: Meaning, Measurement, Management" by Nobel laureate Robert Lucas (and four other articles) in the latest issue of Review.

FRASER Adds Issues of the PPI Detailed Report

Issues of the Producer Prices and Price Indexes (PPI) Detailed Report are now available on FRASER for 1978 to the present.

FRED Adds 6,164 Series on Personal Income

These series from the BEA measure income received by all persons from all sources. The per capita series divide total personal income by the Census Bureau’s annual midyear population estimates.  

+1.7 % Chg. from Yr. Ago on 2014-08
6.1 % on 2014-08
2.59 % on 2014-09-19
+4.2 %, Comp. Annual Rate of Chg. on 2014:Q2
-0.1 % Chg. on 2014-08
+142 Chg., Thous. of Persons on 2014-08


Sep 19 U.S. Job Polarization Persists

Sep 15 The Effects of Terrorism on Trade: A Factor Supply Approach

Sep 15 Liquidity: Meaning, Measurement, Management

Sep 15 Making Sense of Dissents: A History of FOMC Dissents

Sep 15 When and How To Exit Quantitative Easing?

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