300 Non-Financial Sector Credit Series Added to FRED

Apr 22 These 300 quarterly series published by the Bank for International Settlements represent credit provided to private non-financial sectors for 40 countries. The data include credit provided by domestic banks and total credit to private non-financial sectors. For most countries, total credit is divided into credit to non-financial corporations and credit to households and non-profit institutions serving households.

Citations and References for Allan Meltzer’s History of the Federal Reserve

Apr 18 FRASER has added a collection of source materials cited by Allan Meltzer in his two-volume history of the Federal Reserve System.

232 Series from the New York Fed Added to FRED

Apr 8 These 232 monthly series are from the Business Leaders Survey and Empire State Manufacturing Survey produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The Business Leaders Survey has 56 series and focuses on the service sector in New York State, northern New Jersey, and Fairfield County, Connecticut. The Empire State Manufacturing Survey has 176 series and focuses on the manufacturing sector only in New York State.

Introducing The FRED Blog!

Apr 7 FRED Logo

FRED now has a blog highlighting graph features and interesting data.

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April 25
Breaking the Curse of Kareken and Wallace

April 28
The Peer Performance of Hedge Funds

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+1.5 % Chg. from Yr. Ago on 2014-03
6.7 % on 2014-03
2.70 % on 2014-04-23
+2.6 %, Comp. Annual Rate of Chg. on 2013:Q4
+0.7 % Chg. on 2014-03
+192 Chg., Thous. of Persons on 2014-03


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