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"Oct 6, 1979: FOMC fundamentally changes its policy. Read the minutes... Infographic of US energy use in 1970... 1947 bulletin examines women's jobs over 7 decades..." Be a part of the one thousand. Follow FRASER's twitter feed for a daily dose of economic history.

FRASER Adds Issues of the PPI Detailed Report

Issues of the Producer Prices and Price Indexes (PPI) Detailed Report are now available on FRASER for 1978 to the present.

FRED Adds Labor Market Conditions Index

This new monthly series from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System examines the health of the U.S. labor market. The Labor Market Conditions Index is derived from a dynamic factor model that extracts the primary common variation from 19 labor market indicators.

October 28
Financial Development and International Trade

October 29
The Impact of Regional and Sectoral Productivity Changes on the U.S. Economy, with L. Caliendo, F. Parro and P. Sarte

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+1.7 % Chg. from Yr. Ago on 2014-09
5.9 % on 2014-09
2.29 % on 2014-10-23
+4.6 %, Comp. Annual Rate of Chg. on 2014:Q2
+1.0 % Chg. on 2014-09
+248 Chg., Thous. of Persons on 2014-09


Oct 23 Fiscal Policy Spillovers: Points of Employment to Places of Residence

Oct 9 Rural-Urban Migration, Structural Transformation, and Housing Markets in China

Oct 6 Three Scenarios for Interest Rates in the Transition to Normalcy

Oct 6 Central Bank Purchases of Private Assets

Oct 6 Evaluating Conditional Forecasts from Vector Autoregressions

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