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Average Hourly Earnings of All Employees: Construction in Texas    
Dollars per Hour, Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted2007-01 to 2014-06 (Jul 24)
Business Tendency Surveys for Construction: Confidence Indicators: Composite Indicators: European Commission and National Indicators for France©    
Net Percent, Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted1985-01 to 2013-12 (Feb 5)
Contributions to Percent Change in Real GDP by Private Industries: Construction    
Percentage Points, Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate2005:Q2 to 2014:Q1 (Jul 25)
Dwellings and Residential Buildings Permits Issued for Construction for Spain©    
New Privately Owned Housing Completions in the United States by Purpose of Construction, Built for Sale Total One-Family Units    
Thousands of Units, Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted1999:Q1 to 2014:Q2 (Aug 20)
New Privately-Owned Housing Units Under Construction: 5-Unit Structures or More    
Thousands of Units, Monthly
Seasonally Adjusted 1970-01 to 2014-09 (Oct 17)
Not Seasonally Adjusted 1969-12 to 2014-09 (Oct 17)
Total Construction for the United Kingdom©    
Total Dwellings and Residential Buildings by Stage of Construction, Started for Belgium©    
Total Private Construction Spending: Lodging    
Millions of Dollars, Monthly
Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate 1993-01 to 2014-08 (Oct 1)
Not Seasonally Adjusted 1993-01 to 2014-08 (Oct 1)
All Employees: Construction in Wisconsin    
Thousands of Persons
Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted 1990 to 2013 (Mar 24)
Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted 1990-01 to 2014-09 (4 days ago)
Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted 1990-01 to 2014-09 (4 days ago)
New Houses For Sale by Stage of Construction, Completed    
Thousands of Units, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1973-01 to 2014-09 (1 day ago)
Real private fixed investment in equipment and software: Nonresidential equipment: Other equipment-furniture and fixtures, agricultural, construction, mining and oilfield, service industry machinery, electrical equipment n.e.c.    
Billions of Chained 2009 Dollars, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted1999 to 2013 (Aug 21)
Total Construction for Brazil©    
Total Construction Spending: Communication    
Millions of Dollars, Monthly
Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate 2002-01 to 2014-08 (Oct 1)
Not Seasonally Adjusted 2002-01 to 2014-08 (Oct 1)
Total Industry Production Excluding Construction for the OECD Europe©    

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