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BofA Merrill Lynch US Corporate BBB Option-Adjusted Spread©    
Percent, Daily, Not Seasonally Adjusted1996-12-31 to 2014-09-19 (9 hours ago)
Consumer Price Index: Total All Items for the United States©    
Smoothed U.S. Recession Probabilities    
Percent, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1967-06 to 2014-06 (Sep 2)
New One Family Houses Sold: United States    
Natural Rate of Unemployment (Long-Term)    
Percent, Quarterly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1949:Q1 to 2024:Q4 (Sep 4)
Gold Fixing Price 10:30 A.M. (London time) in London Bullion Market, based in U.S. Dollars    
U.S. Dollars per Troy Ounce, Daily, Not Seasonally Adjusted1968-04-01 to 2014-09-22 (8 hours ago)
12-Month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), based on U.S. Dollar©    
Percent, Daily, Not Seasonally Adjusted1986-01-02 to 2014-09-15 (11 hours ago)
Total Consumer Credit Owned and Securitized, Outstanding    
Billions of Dollars, Monthly
Seasonally Adjusted 1943-01 to 2014-07 (Sep 8)
Not Seasonally Adjusted 1943-01 to 2014-07 (Sep 8)
Existing Home Sales©    
Number of Units
Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate 1999-01 to 2014-08 (7 hours ago)
Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted 1999-01 to 2014-08 (7 hours ago)
Annual, Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate 1989 to 2013 (Jan 23)
Household Debt Service Payments as a Percent of Disposable Personal Income    
Percent, Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted1980:Q1 to 2014:Q1 (Jun 20)
Civilian Labor Force    
Thousands of Persons, Monthly
Seasonally Adjusted 1948-01 to 2014-08 (Sep 5)
Not Seasonally Adjusted 1948-01 to 2014-08 (Sep 5)
Gross private saving    
Billions of Dollars
Producer Price Index: All Commodities    
Index 1982=100, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1913-01 to 2014-08 (6 days ago)
Nominal Potential Gross Domestic Product    
Billions of Dollars, Quarterly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1949:Q1 to 2024:Q4 (Sep 4)
Real Exports of Goods & Services    
Billions of Chained 2009 Dollars
Personal consumption expenditures excluding food and energy (chain-type price index)    
Index 2009=100
Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted 1929 to 2013 (Jul 30)
Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted 1959-01 to 2014-07 (Aug 29)
Real Government Consumption Expenditures & Gross Investment    
Billions of Chained 2009 Dollars
Disposable personal income    
Billions of Dollars
Velocity of MZM Money Stock    
Ratio, Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted1959:Q1 to 2014:Q2 (Sep 12)
Total Savings Deposits at all Depository Institutions    
Billions of Dollars, Weekly
Seasonally Adjusted 1975-01-06 to 2014-09-08 (4 days ago)
Not Seasonally Adjusted 1975-01-06 to 2014-09-08 (4 days ago)
Light Weight Vehicle Sales: Autos & Light Trucks    
Millions of Units, Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate1976-01 to 2014-08 (Sep 4)
Employment Level - Part-Time for Economic Reasons, All Industries    
Thousands of Persons, Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted1955-05 to 2014-08 (Sep 5)
30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Average in the United States©    
Percent, Weekly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1971-04-02 to 2014-09-18 (4 days ago)
Median Sales Price for New Houses Sold in the United States    
Dollars, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1963-01 to 2014-07 (Aug 25)
1-Year Treasury Bill: Secondary Market Rate    
Percent, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 1959-07 to 2014-08 (Sep 8)
Daily 1959-07-15 to 2014-09-19 (2 hours ago)
Weekly 1959-07-17 to 2014-09-19 (1 hour ago)
Total Population: All Ages including Armed Forces Overseas    
Thousands, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1952-01 to 2014-08 (Sep 5)
Manufacturers' New Orders: Nondefense Capital Goods Excluding Aircraft    
Millions of Dollars, Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted1992-02 to 2014-07 (Sep 3)

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