Seminar Series

The Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is sponsoring a Seminar Series on a wide variety of economic topics. Economists from across the country and around the world are invited to participate.

Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held in the "Ted Balbach Conference Room" (formerly Research Conference Room), Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, at the corner of Broadway and Locust Street, St. Louis, MO. Seminars held at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis are open to the public. If you wish to attend, you must call Sandra Butler at (314) 444-8591 or LaTanya Johnson at (314) 444-8587, at least 24 hours in advance. All attendees are required to go though a security screening and will be asked to show a picture ID.

Questions or suggestions should be directed to Maria Canon ( or YiLi Chien (

2014 Seminar Series

Fri, Jan 24 12:00pm
Speaker: Roberto Piazza, Bank of Italy
Host: David Andolfatto
"Liquidity Traps and Self-defeating Policies"

Tue, Feb 04 12:00pm
Speaker: William Dupor, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
"The 2009 Recovery Act and the Expected Inflation Channel of Government Spending"

Wed, Feb 05 12:00pm
Speaker: Leo Kaas, University of Konstanz
Host: Yi Wen
"Self-Fulfilling Credit Cycles"

Wed, Feb 12 12:00pm
Speaker: Kaiji Chen, Emory University
Host: Yi Wen
"The Great Housing Bubble of China"

Fri, Feb 28 2:00pm *
Speaker: Jesse Gregory, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Host: George Levi-Gayle
"Structural Estimation of an Equilibrium Model with Externalities: Program Evaluation of Post-Katrina Rebuilding Grants, (w/ C. Fu)"

Tue, Mar 04 12:00pm
Speaker: Antonia Diaz, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Host: Carlos Garriga
"A Theory of Vintage Capital Investment and Energy Use"

Thu, Mar 06 12:00pm
Speaker: Juan Rubio-Ramirez, Duke University
Host: Carlos Garriga
"Inference Based on SVARs Identified with Sign and Zero Restrictions: Theory and Applications" with Jonas E. Arias and Daniel F. Waggoner"

Fri, Mar 07 2:00pm *
Speaker: John Abowd, Cornell University
"Endogenous Mobility"

Mon, Mar 10 12:00pm
Speaker: Sophie Osotimehin, University of Virginia
Host: Christian Zimmermann
"Aggregate Productivity and the Allocation of Resources over the Business Cycle"

Tue, Mar 18 12:00pm
Speaker: Amanda Michaud, Indiana University
Host: David Wiczer
"An Information Theory of Worker Flows and Wage Dispersion"

Fri, Mar 21 2:00pm *
Speaker: Matthew Wiswall, Arizona State University
"Determinants of College Major Choice: Identification using an Information Experiment"

Fri, Mar 28 12:00pm
Speaker: Ethan Ligon, University of California-Berkeley
"Estimating Marginal Utilities Without Aggregation"

Tue, Apr 01 12:00pm
Speaker: Alexander Ludwig, University of Cologne
Host: Alexander Monge-Naranjo

Fri, Apr 04 12:00pm
Speaker: Florian Hoffmann, University of British Columbia
Host: Maria Canon and David Wiczer
"Sectoral Shift, Job Mobility and Wage Inequality"

Mon, Apr 07 12:00pm
Speaker: Michael McCracken, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
"Evaluating Conditional Forecasts from Vector Autoregressions"

Fri, Apr 11 2:00pm *
Speaker: Douglas Steigerwald, University of California-Santa Barbara
"Testing for Markov-Regime Switching"

Mon, Apr 14 12:00pm
Speaker: Ernesto Pasten, Central Bank of Chile
Host: Alexander Monge-Naranjo
"Rational Inattention, Multi-Product Firms and the Neutrality of Money"

Tue, Apr 15 12:00pm
Speaker: Christoph Bertsch, Riksbank
Host: Paulina Restrepo

Wed, Apr 16 4:00pm **
Speaker: Chang-Tai Hsieh, University of Chicago
Host: Yongs Shin and YiLi Chien
"Crony Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics"

Thu, Apr 17 2:00pm *
Speaker: Christopher Flinn, New York University
"Labor Market Search and Schooling Investment"

Tue, Apr 22 12:00pm
Speaker: Alisdair McKay, Boston University
Host: Juan Sanchez
"Idiosyncratic Risk and the Business Cycle: A Likelihood Perspective"

Wed, Apr 23 4:00pm
Speaker: Ezra Oberfield, Princeton University
Host: Yongs Shin and YiLi Chien

Fri, Apr 25 12:00pm
Speaker: Christopher Waller, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
"Breaking the Curse of Kareken and Wallace"

Mon, Apr 28 12:00pm
Speaker: Kris Boudt, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; VU University Amsterdam; Finvex Group and KU Leuven
Host: Christopher Neely
"The Peer Performance of Hedge Funds"

Wed, Apr 30 4:00pm
Speaker: David Atkin, Yale University
Host: YiLi Chien
"Who’s Getting Globalized? The Size and Implications of Intranational Trade Costs (w/D. Donaldson)"

Mon, May 05 12:00pm
Speaker: Allen Head, Queen's University
Host: Carlos Garriga

Wed, May 07 12:00pm
Speaker: Lukasz Drozd, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
Host: Alexander Monge-Naranjo

Fri, May 09 12:00pm
Speaker: Uta Schonberg, University College-London
Host: Maria Canon and David Wiczer

Mon, May 12 12:00pm
Speaker: Juan Sanchez, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Wed, May 14 12:00pm
Speaker: YiLi Chien, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Fri, May 16 12:00pm
Speaker: Melanie Morten, Stanford University

Wed, May 21 12:00pm
Speaker: Kevin Thom, New York University
Host: Maria Canon

Thu, May 22 12:00pm
Speaker: Matias Tapia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Host: Juan Sanchez

Tue, May 27 12:00pm
Speaker: Raoul Minetti, Michigan State University
Host: Silvio Contessi

Thu, May 29 12:00pm
Speaker: Berthold Herrendorf, Arizona State University
Host: Carlos Garrga

Mon, Jun 02 12:00pm
Speaker: William Gavin, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Tue, Jun 03 12:00pm
Speaker: M. Saif Mehkari, University of Richmond
Host: William Dupor

Tue, Jul 01 12:00pm
Speaker: Nicolas Roys, The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Host: Juan Sanchez

*Joint with the Department of Economics, Washington University in St. Louis. These seminars will take place at Washington University in St. Louis. Please visit for further information.

**Joint with the Department of Economics, Washington University in St. Louis. These seminars will take place at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Past Seminars

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