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Stephen Williamson

Vice President

Selected Publications

"New Monetarist Economics," with Randall Wright, forthcoming in Handbook of Monetary Economics, second edition, B. Friedman and M. Woodford, eds., Elsevier.

"Adverse Selection, Segmented Markets, and Monetary Policy," with Daniel Sanches, forthcoming, Macreconomic Dynamics.

"Money and Credit with Limited Commitment and Theft," with Daniel Sanches, forthcoming, Journal of Economic Theory.

"Transactions, Credit, and Central Banking in a Model of Segmented Markets," Review of Economic Dynamics 12, 344-362, 2009.

"Monetary Policy and Distribution," Journal of Monetary Economics 55, 1038-1053, 2008.

Macroeconomics, Fourth Edition, Pearson Addison-Wesley, Boston MA, 2011.

Macroeconomics, Third Canadian Edition, Pearson Canada, Toronto, 2010.

Working Papers

"Scarce Collateral, the Term Premium, and Quantitative Easing"
Working Paper 2014-008A, posted March 2014.

"Keynesian Inefficiency and Optimal Policy: A New Monetarist Approach"
Working Paper 2014-009A, posted March 2014.

"Credit Markets, Limited Commitment, and Government Debt"
with Francesca Carapella
Working Paper 2014-010A, posted March 2014.

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